Meet Tobi

Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 22:55

How long have you been at CF100?

Two and a half years

What were you doing for fitness before this?

I’d started a new job in July and came to the gym in February. I’d been commuting to Madison for work for 7-8 years before that so I had zero fitness because I was also in graduate school. Zero time.

What brought you to the gym?

I was doing stuff on my own, but (fellow CF100 member and friend) Despina and I had seen an ad and joined together.

When you first started, was there a moment or feeling you had about CrossFit?

I think it took a couple months. At first it was really hard and I sometimes tell people on their first day that I remember thinking the warmups were the workouts! I remember one time you said, “And for the workout …” and I thought, “What the #%#@ did we just do?!” So, it did take awhile and I remember thinking that I didn’t want to go. But I knew I’d never get better if I didn’t keep going.

Then, right around six months, we did the Lurong Challenge, and that was transformative for me. I was loving it. I’d started to lose some weight, my body was changing, but when I started really paying attention to my nutrition and telling myself I would not cheat during the six weeks of the challenge, I lost ten pounds. It didn’t happen at first but toward the end and it really clicked. I saw differences in my workouts, in my skin — everything started to feel like it went into place. I also liked challenging myself. What is my goal? What can I really do?

Are you a competitive person?

I remember one time when you approached me and said, “Oh, you’re really competitive!” And I didn’t really think I was because I don’t compete with other people, necessarily. I compete with myself. But I use people as gauges — if they are stronger than me, faster than me, they are my goal. What do I have to do to catch up? I’d always considered competitiveness as wanting to beat someone, but I really want to beat myself and get better.

What is your motivation?

I always tell people when they start to take pictures. I wish I would have! (CrossFit) has been transformative for me.

When I started, I was 49 and my mom had just died the year before. My dad died at 65. My parents were not well people. That’s part of it. I need to take care of my health or end up having a compromised life. I don’t want the poor quality of life I saw my mom have.

What do you do for work?

I work in the Cancer Center at the Medical College. I am a grants administrator for work for breast and lung cancer disparities in the state. It’s a unique role where I get to work with community organizations, basic science researchers, post-doctoral fellows and community members. It’s a really varied and fun job. It’s very cerebral and also very relational.

I started selling Cabi (a clothing line sold by independent consultants) a couple years ago after taking break from it during graduate school. It’s really fun. I like helping people and that’s a big part of it. The clothes are fantastic but it’s more about helping people feel good about themselves. The selling part is one thing but making people feel good about how they look is transformative. You see people change and it’s powerful.

For fun?

For fun i come here! I spend time with Doug, my honey bunny. We have two cats, Jill and Nala.

Do you have any fitness/health goals for the coming year?

Saturday I’m running a half marathon! That’s a bucket list thing for me. I’d also really like to get a handstand push up.

Favorite movement and/or type of workout?

My two favorite movements … I looooove back squats. And bench press. The old standards!

Favorite place to travel:

I have a place on Sanibel Island. It’s been in my family since I was in high school. It’s my favorite and the only place I feel Iike I can completely relax. I also love to travel internationally.

Something interesting people might not know about you:

I asked Doug and he told me, “You are enthusiastic about everything!” He’s never been near me when thrusters or devil’s press are part of the WOD!