Meet Scott

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 22:04

When our members have a good workout routine going, they sometimes get thrown off track if work or family interfere with a favorite class time.

But if that member is a diehard, he finds a way to make it work, even if that means transitioning to the early morning hours.

Scott Kogler is that guy.

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When he walked into CrossFit 100 four years ago, Scott was into endurance running and cycling, but he started to see a common problem among the athletes in his training groups. He noticed many of the people could ride for hours but got winded climbing up stairs. He saw that the posture and fitness of people that were putting in all that time and effort wasn’t where he wanted his own fitness to be.

He did some research and knew he wanted resistance training and functional fitness in his life. He started his search for a CrossFit affiliate, and that landed him down the street from his Whitefish Bay home, at CrossFit 100.

It was definitely the right fit. Not only did Scott appreciate the certain kind of “crazy” it takes for people (and CF100 members, specifically!) to get into and stay hooked on this type of fitness, he was very adept at it from the start.

Scott picked up the skills, lifts and love of the WOD — and his favorite, snatches, quickly.

Scott was enjoying evening classes at the start. While his job as a manufacturing engineer at Brady Corporation wasn’t a hinderance to making those classes, evening homework time with his teenage daughters, Gabi, 17 and Madi, 16, was often a priority over the gym.

So for several years, now, Scott has been a diligent member of the morning classes. There’s no excuse and nothing getting in the way for him so early in the day. He keeps pushing himself to RX any WOD that comes his way.

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Coach Matt Corr is a big fan of Scott’s and had this to say about his athlete:

“While many people can be classified as self-starters, Scott is one of those rare birds, a self-finisher! What that means is not only does Scott start by putting in all the work to perform a skill or a lift, he’ll also critique himself to try and figure out what he can do better. Even more impressive is how he asks questions about the little things he wants to figure out and then puts those answers into practice to make himself better. He’s a pleasure to have in class and always has a great attitude, which is often hard to do at 5:45 in the morning!”

And as Scott forges ahead with both his fitness and CrossFit 100 Nutrition plan, he has some very specific goals on the horizon, including learning to do a hand stand in free space and eventually hand stand walk. While this comes naturally to his gymnast daughter, Madi, the skill eludes Scott, at least for now.

Having participated in several CrossFit Open seasons, Scott has noticed that only a couple skills stand in the way of his completing an entire season at the RX level. As soon as he gets those handstand walks and ring muscle ups, he’s ready to make a clean sweep over those five weeks!

And you might notice that CrossFit has become a family affair for the Kogler family. After his wife, Donna, started to see some positive changes in Scott’s body composition, fitness and overall health, she decided to check it out for herself. Donna attends classes regularly, now, and has also made outstanding progress in her skills and fitness in a short time. Madi and Gabi are busy with sports, school work and after school jobs, but try to make it in for classes whenever possible.

We see more great progress coming your way, Scott. Your diligent, hard-working attitude is an inspiration to all of your CF100 family.