Meet Roger

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 22:01

It’s conditioning day. Or leg day. Or combo day. It doesn’t really matter, because Roger will be there. Almost every day of the week, Roger will be waiting in the lobby of CrossFit 100, with a smile on his face and a friendly greeting for his coach and friends, ready for 5PM class to begin. He gets right to work but also spends time catching up with other members or greeting someone new to class. He’s just the kind of member you hope finds your gym and makes a home there. CrossFit 100 has been Roger’s home for about three and a half years. A Christmas party conversation with fellow member, Peter Wiegers, led him to check out the gym. Roger had run a few marathons and Tough Mudders, and was doing his own workouts at the WAC, but didn’t feel like he was making a lot of progress on his own. As soon as he joined 100, he knew it was a great fit. “I had tried a lot of things, and this is the longest I’ve stayed with something,” he said. “It really clicked.” Roger really likes the structure of the workouts — one hour of hard work and it’s done! During the day, he is busy with his family’s business, managing rental properties. With the energy Roger brings to each class, you might think he’s been conserving energy all day, sitting behind a desk. It’s quite the opposite. Roger is very active during the workday, dealing with tasks at his properties. “I still looks forward to coming. I get rejuvenated during the warm up. And even if I’m tired when I come in, I have renewed energy after the workout.” Roger especially loves the faster pace of conditioning workouts, but also enjoys improving his weightlifting skills and being coached through movements he didn’t do much on his own before CrossFit. And his willingness to learn and work hard is appreciated by the entire coaching staff. “Roger never, ever, ever comes to class with a bad attitude,” said Coach Mya. “Every time he walks in the door he’s got a cute little smile on his face, showing he’s not only ready to push himself in the work for the day, but also his peers. He just puts his head down, does his best and gets his work done, and it’s very inspiring and something I try to model myself after.” Coach Jens said he loves Roger’s positive attitude. “He always cheers on his friends in class. Roger never complains about a workout, he just works hard, no matter what it is.” While Roger’s marathon and Tough Mudder days are behind him, he continues to work on his overall fitness. “Really, my main goal is to stay healthy and fit. If I can keep doing this four, five, six times a week, I’ll be happy.” And Roger is certainly not going it alone. On most days, you’ll find some other Carltons on the class attendance list, too! Roger’s wife, Brenda, joined CrossFit 100 a few months after him, through the New You Challenge. She has continued on to be a regular CrossFit member and both Roger and Brenda participate in many of our gym social events, as well as the Intramural Open. They are both incredibly welcoming to all members and have been an integral part of strengthening our community. You can also find two of the Carltons’ three daughters, Laura and Elizabeth, in classes. It’s fun to see the family passing each other through the doors as they fit different classes into their daily schedules. “It’s great to be able to workout with the whole family. It’s a good bonding experience,” Roger said. “Something we can all do together.” The family also enjoys spending time at their lake cottage, together, kayaking, boating and staying active on the weekends. If you haven’t met Roger yet, be sure to introduce yourself, but chances are he’ll find you first, welcoming you to class or cheering you through your next workout.