Meet Katie C.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 22:05
katie c

When Katie Corcoran starts talking about her goals for the year, my ears perk up. I’ve heard her declare plans for fitness PRs, career moves, and other ambitions many times in seven years and I’m never disappointed. She always delivers. Before walking into the gym for the first time in 2012, Katie already had high school soccer, college Ultimate Frisbee and some running experience on her fitness resume. In fact, Katie had already accomplished her first half and one full marathon. Finishing the half marathon – with no training leading up to it –prompted Katie to train all summer for the Chicago Marathon that fall, hoping to improve. Leading up to the race, she swore she would never do it again, even keeping cab money in her pocket if she decided to quit during the race. She didn’t quit. Two minutes after crossing the finish line, Katie thought, “I bet I could do this better.” Katie signed up for another marathon in the spring and shaved 30 minutes off her time. This and a strong finish in a local charity run got her thinking about a lofty goal: qualifying for the Boston Marathon. The road to Boston was not smooth, but Katie persevered. Getting back into shape postpregnancy, overcoming injuries and upheaving her life during a career change were all significant roadblocks that never stopped her. In 2018, Katie made it to Boston and crossed the finish. If you don’t already know Katie from the 5:45am classes she regularly attends, you might recognize her as the #10 realtor in the North Shore (#1 in Bayview). Katie has taken on her career as a realtor in much the same way as her marathon training – with a fire in her and no plans to fail. Katie left her part-time work at a big box brokerage in 2015 to take on the daunting task of becoming an individual agent and her life quickly changed in so many ways. Success came quickly, but so did necessary changes for her family. Katie’s husband, Dan, became a stay-at-home parent so Katie could devote more time to her work. Her CrossFit and running training took a backseat, and her life/work balance was changed drastically. Through all the change, Katie credits her athlete’s mentality, both from marathon training and especially CrossFit, to tackle the pressures and challenges of her non-stop business. “There is bad news and unpleasant information to deliver in this business sometimes. But just like in a WOD, it’s 3, 2, 1 … go. You have to chip away and get it done, “ Katie says. And as grateful as she is for the opportunities in her field and proud of the business she has built, our discussion of her accomplishments leads us to Katie’s big goals for the coming year. This time it’s not about something new, but getting back to what she needs to be happy. “This year is all about balance.” It’s not a marathon or a career move, rather making more room for fitness, recovery, and especially nutrition in her new world. So this summer, as Katie enjoys time at Craig Counsell Park watching her sons Sam, 11 and Charlie, 7 play baseball, she plots to have it all. The fire is there. I can’t wait to see what she delivers.