Meet Katie

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 - 22:02

Katie laughs when I ask her if she ever thought she’d still be working out with Marcela
after nine years.
“Nooooo, way! I thought it would be four or six weeks and done.”
When she signed on for a bootcamp with Marcela’s MPower Total Fitness nine years ago
last May, Katie thought one session was all she needed to get herself back in shape after
having her third child.
But nine years later, Katie is still going strong.
“It’s an addiction for me. It’s how I like to start my day.”
Bootcamp turned into CrossFit, which lead to running casually and then training for half
marathons. And while she’s not currently training for anything, she maintains a very
regular workout regimen at 100. That original desire to get back into shape after having
her third child became a life-long love of fitness.
“This is something I would never do on my own. Lifting weights … you have to get to
the gym for that.”
Hitting the gym is actually quite a lifestyle change for someone who was not athletic
growing up. Katie is also surprised and humbled by people who compliment her on her
athleticism. Many people come to CrossFit as a way to pick up where they left off with
high school or collegiate sports, but Katie truly started from scratch and has made a name
for herself in our 100 community as an athlete, indeed.
If you work out early, you’ll see her no-quit work ethic in action. Katie is diehard. She
rarely misses class and she always puts in 110% effort. Her favorite types of workouts are
conditioning days, “because they’re the hardest,” she reports. But she loves barbell work
incorporated with whatever we are doing, for the challenge.
When asked what about her personality draws her to this type of workout, Katie connects
her previously challenging work as a CPA to her ability to gut through CrossFit workouts
without ever giving up. She’s perfectly accustomed to the type of head down, eyes
forward work that CrossFit requires.
And while family life has recently changed her years-long routine of attending 5:45am
classes over to 8:30, Katie has made it work. She’s found her groove in the 8:30am class
where she is busy pushing the pace for her fellow classmates.
And it took a while, but after years of watching Katie wake up early for the gym every
morning, Katie’s husband, John, eventually joined 100, a few years ago. The couple
mostly divides and conquers, coming to different classes since they have three kids, Jake
(14), Ethan (12), and Ella (9), at home. All their kids are active in their own sports and
activities, but Katie recently realized her daughter, Ella, is keeping tabs on her mom.
“Ella asked, ‘Why do you have to workout every day?’” and Katie was able to express
that her fitness routine was something she loves to make her feel healthy and strong. And
so the thing she does just for her, every day, has become a wonderful teachable moment
for her growing daughter.
But Ella isn’t the only one with eyes on this strong, determined mom and athlete. When
you’ve been a veteran CrossFitter for as long as Katie, you are not only an example to
your own family, but to an entire community. Her advice to anyone getting started is to
realize that this is truly for everyone – just looking at our population, filled with all ages,
skill levels, fitness backgrounds, there’s a place for everyone.
And if you’re really in for a really great workout, just try to chase Katie.